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Ford Explorer 2015Sticky
منذ يومين . Hawalli

Ford Explorer 2015

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 Ford Fusion model 2014Sticky
منذ ٦ أيام . Hawalli

Ford Fusion model 2014

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For sale: Mini Cooper Convertible, 2015 model Sticky
منذ ٨ أيام . Mubarak Al Kabeer

For sale: Mini Cooper Convertible, 2015 model

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For sale Chevrolet Evo model 2017Sticky
منذ ٨ أيام . Kuwait City

For sale Chevrolet Evo model 2017

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For sale: Ford Crown Victoria 2011 Sticky
منذ ٩ أيام . AlAhmadi

For sale: Ford Crown Victoria 2011

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منذ ١٠ أيام . Hawalli


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Mitsubishi Pajero 2013 for saleSticky
منذ ١٢ يومًا . Hawalli

Mitsubishi Pajero 2013 for sale

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Hyundai Palisade 2020 for saleSticky
منذ ١٢ يومًا . Hawalli

Hyundai Palisade 2020 for sale

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Hyundai Tucson 2024 is the highest selling categorySticky
منذ ١٢ يومًا . AlAhmadi

Hyundai Tucson 2024 is the highest selling category

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Hyundai Azera 2012Sticky
منذ ١٢ يومًا . Al Farwaniya

Hyundai Azera 2012

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Thermal disinformation  Sticky
منذ ١٣ يومًا . Kuwait City

Thermal disinformation

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We buy all types of cars Sticky
منذ ١٤ يومًا . Kuwait City

We buy all types of cars

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بي ام دبليو اكس 3 2011Sticky
منذ ١٦ يومًا . Mubarak Al Kabeer

بي ام دبليو اكس 3 2011

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 Nissan Maxima 2003 Sticky
منذ ١٦ يومًا . Hawalli

Nissan Maxima 2003

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MAZDA 6 2012 Sticky
منذ ١٧ يومًا . Hawalli

MAZDA 6 2012

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Thermal shading and protection  Sticky
منذ ١٧ يومًا . Kuwait City

Thermal shading and protection

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 GMC Yukon model 2007 Sticky
منذ ١٨ يومًا . Hawalli

GMC Yukon model 2007

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Genesis Auto Repair GarageSticky
منذ ١٨ يومًا . Kuwait City

Genesis Auto Repair Garage

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Tucson 2024Sticky
منذ ١٩ يومًا . Hawalli

Tucson 2024

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Mobile repair servicesSticky
منذ ١٩ يومًا . Kuwait City

Mobile repair services

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What is the benefit of the car sales section in Kuwait through Al Waseet Net?

Buying cars, whether new or used, in Kuwait is one of the most important matters occupying the minds of many people. Despite seeming like an easy task on the surface, it requires extreme caution in choosing. There are some things that must be taken into consideration when selecting a car.

You can use the Al Waseet Net Kuwait classified ads website to search for used cars. This can be done by entering the main section, selecting the car manufacturer, choosing the type, and then searching for the desired model.

Purchasing a used car is significantly lower in price, even if the car has been used for a very short period.

What is the purpose of knowing the engine capacity before buying a car?

When searching for cars for sale in Kuwait, whether new or used, inquiries are initially made about the engine capacity. This capacity indicates the internal size of the combustion chamber, multiplied by the number of cylinders, whether V6 or V4. The capacity of a single cylinder is calculated by multiplying the base area by the height, and upon obtaining the result, it is converted into liters.

For example, if the result is 0.62 cm, it indicates the size of a single cylinder. This is then multiplied by the number of cylinders to determine the total engine capacity in liters.

When an engine has more cylinders and therefore a larger capacity, it signifies greater power output and consequently increases fuel consumption. Conversely, an engine with fewer cylinders and a smaller capacity is considered more fuel-efficient.

Many car manufacturers currently engage in this practice, aiming to reduce the number of cylinders by equipping them with a turbocharger to compensate for power and torque.

How can the lifespan of new or used cars be preserved?

When choosing either new or used cars, there is an assumed lifespan, and several factors can help extend it. Among the most important are:

Avoiding driving with a nearly empty fuel tank

Several damages occur to the car due to driving with a nearly empty fuel tank. However, some exceptional cases only occur after several instances, such as long-term travel exceeding a year. In such cases, the fuel tank should be almost completely emptied.

This is because, like any liquid substance, gasoline oxidizes and deteriorates, becoming a viscous substance that does not flow easily in the fuel system. In cases of travel lasting between 6 - 8 months, keeping the tank full can reduce oxidation.

Having a good amount of clean fuel in the car's tank ensures its smooth circulation through the fuel system, starting from the filter to the pump, then through the pipes carrying fuel to the injectors, reaching the combustion chamber in the engine. This indicates the multiple mechanical parts that may be negatively affected if the fuel level in the tank drops.

On the other hand, a significant drop in fuel level in the tank leads to the accumulation of impurities that can quickly clog the fuel filter. If these impurities reach the fuel pump, it can clog and damage it. Moreover, these deposits reaching other parts like the pipes and injectors can cause the car to completely stop.

Cleaning these deposits and impurities is a difficult and expensive task when relying on maintenance centers. It requires cleaning or replacing the pump with a new one and cleaning other parts connected to the fuel system, such as injectors and filters. For diesel-powered vehicles equipped with a mechanical injection system, efforts are needed to manually drain air from the fuel system.

It is important to regularly change the fuel system filter. The necessary replacement period can be found in the owner's manual because this interval varies from one car to another according to the manufacturer and model.

Avoid relying on the gear stick

This practice increases the load and pressure on the internal parts of the gearbox, leading to its wear and tear. The fork is one of the most affected internal parts because continuous pressure on the stick increases its friction with other parts.

This behavior causes problems in all types of manual transmission cars, also known as manual gearbox cars. However, automatic cars do not face this type of breakdown.

Avoid ignoring unusual noises

Paying attention to unusual noises coming from the car helps prevent many sudden dangers and breakdowns. When a driver hears such a noise, they should pull over, turn on hazard lights, and try to identify the source of the noise.

If unable to determine it, the driver should avoid driving the car and contact a maintenance center for necessary assistance.

Avoid neglecting warning lights on the dashboard

The lights on the dashboard are crucial in informing the driver not only about the problem but also its importance and magnitude based on the displayed color. If the color is blue or green, it indicates that the car is operating normally.

However, if the color is yellow, it is an initial warning, and driving can continue while not completely ignoring the problem, and necessary maintenance should be carried out as soon as possible. In the case of a red light, it indicates a major problem that can be dangerous, and in this situation, the car should be stopped.

The most important warning lights on the dashboard include:

  • Brake warning light: If it lights up in red or flashes while driving, it indicates a low brake fluid level. It may also indicate a malfunction in the anti-lock braking system or that the brakes are not functioning correctly.

  • Check engine light: This light indicates that the engine is not working at the required efficiency. It may signal various minor problems and faults, such as a malfunctioning electrical sensor, or major mechanical problems like a malfunction in the emission control system.

  • Airbag warning light: If the light is red, it indicates that at least one of the airbag safety systems is not functioning correctly.

Avoid pressing the accelerator and brake pedals forcefully

Doing so consumes more fuel and negatively affects the parts that make up the braking system. Therefore, driving calmly and gently pressing both the fuel and brake pedals is essential.

Use the parking brake

This brake should be used when driving on sloping roads, whether uphill or downhill. This action transfers the load to the transmission instead of the brakes."